Ingredients & Ethics

treeWherever possible our soaps and cosmetics use the highest quality natural ingredients from sustainable and fairly traded sources. We use organic ingredients where this is feasible.

All our products are suitable for vegetarians. All our products are suitable for vegans, except for the balms, which may contain beeswax.

Hayfield Holistics and Aromantics

Aromantics is a leading natural skin care company that provides raw ingredients to makers of skin care products. Most of the ingredients that we use in our Simply Botanical Skin Care range are sourced from Aromantic. In a nutshell, they " aim to supply raw ingredients that are as environementally friendly and natural as possible" This means, for example, using plant based or synthetically produced ingredients rather than those derived from animals, supporting fair trade and community projects, using natural and organic ingredients, avoiding artificial fertilisers, chemicals and presticides and no testing on animals. You can find more details on the Aromantics Ethics web page.


We try to use eco-friendly packaging wherever we can. Our boxes normally come from The Tiny Box Company, who specialise in recycled and eco-friendly packaging. Inside the boxes we use wood wool, which is a by-product from a saw mill in Wales.


Shea Butter

Shea treeNative to West African countries, the shea tree grows predominantly wild in the African Savannah. The fruit of the shea tree has been an important material to the local people who have used it for hundreds of years for food, medicinal and cosmetic purposes. It also serves as a vital source of income for a number of African communities.

Shea butter contains vitamins and other active elements such as cinnamic acid, which can help protect the skin from UV rays as well having healing properties. It also contains 5-10% phytosterols, which are said to help to stimulate cellular regeneration and growth. It is highly moisturising and is claimed to have mild anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

We normally use gently refined, organic Shea butter from a fairly traded project in Ghana.

Palm Oil

Palm treeThe palm tree grows across the equatorial regions of the world, from places like Malaysia and Columbia to West Africa.

Palm oil has a high vitamin E content, so is an excellent addition to healing creams, and hair care products.

There have been huge concerns about the devastating effects palm plantations are having on ancient forests and endangered species. We use organic palm oil that is sourced from sustainable, eco-friendly crop plantations in Columbia.

Coconut Oil

CoconutCoconut oil comes from crushed copra, the dried meat of the kernels of the coconut. It has a long tradition amongst Asian & Pacific populations of being a 'cure for all illnesses' and the coconut palm, termed 'The Tree Of Life' is a highly valued source of nutrition & medicine.

Coconut oil lathers readily and makes a fine cleanser.

Jojoba Oil


A desert plant originating in Mexico, jojoba is now found commonly in Israel and the USA.

It is particularly good for chapped and broken skin, and excellent for conditioning the hair.

Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet AlmondThe almond tree originates from Asia and, today, is widely found in California and countries around the Mediterranean, such as Spain. The oil is cold pressed, then refined from the kernels of sweet almond fruit and is one of the most popular base oils for use in cosmetics. The oil is rich in beta-sitosterols, alpha-tocopherols, oleic acid and linolenic acid (omega 6), as well as being rich in vitamins A, B1, B2 & B6 which combine to make a highly beneficial oil for use in skin care products.

It is known as a moisturiser for dry skin conditions & is useful for itchy skin, eczema and psoriasis due to its emollient properties, but is also suitable for sensitive skin. It is claimed that it is helpful in reducing inflammation.

Castor Oil

Castor seedCastor seeds originate from India and have spread to countries like Russia, China, Paraguay and Brazil. However, India remains the main producer of the seed oil. Our castor oil is from Peru and has been sustainably farmed.

Castor oil is a humectant, meaning it attracts water so has good lubricating properties. It is ideal for use in nail care products and lipsticks as well as balms & cleansers & exfoliants.

Information Source

Most of this information is taken from ( who supply many of our ingredients for our soap making.

Organic Where We Can

We always try and us organic ingredients when we can.